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Sacred Spots

Soothing the Soul with Cannabis and a Beautiful View

When life gets stressful, hike into the mountains and enjoy a joint.


Life tends to get overwhelming sometimes for everyone. My favorite use of cannabis is to relax, reset, and make a plan after a long hike to a mountain peak. For me, it's fantastic to just not think about anything other than the gorgeous surroundings on this beautiful planet. After arriving at my desired destination, I sit back and fire up a joint. Something about getting the blood flowing and being in nature just really puts everything into perspective for me, and everything previously stressing me out immediately seems like an insignificant detail in the grand scheme of this beautiful life. Everything overwhelming just seems to naturally flow into a much more manageable solution. A reset of the soul if you will… After a nice long reflection at a Sacred Spot, I am all good! I feel “on top of the world” and ready to let the planet’s gravity pull me back down the mountain back to a much more manageable reality. 

Mar 22, 2021

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