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This is the story of a 57-year-old gentleman diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (R.A) at the young age of 29.


The arthritis doc told me that he has never seen such an aggressive form of arthritis "in someone so hard, so young."  Every single bone ached, all my joints, and I mean EVERY joint hurt!  Never felt anything like that in my life.  From my toes to my neck was in pain; sharp, hot, constant pain.  Like hot piercing vice grips on my joints, that slowly torques down on everything. 

To help combat R.A. I was prescribed Remicade, Methotrexate, 8 pills every Monday.  Plus Prednisone.  For pain, I was prescribed Morphine 15mg and Celebrex.  I was also taking Procardia for my blood pressure, Prilosec for my stomach, Calcium, and Vitamin D.  Along with numerous anti-depressants.  As my pain increased, Fentanyl patches were added around 2003, starting at 25 mg and axing out the dosage with 100 mg.  

Through the years, other arthritis meds such as Humira and Enbrel were tried besides Remicade.  The Remicade was administered through a 3-hour infusion.  The Humira and Enbrel were self-injected shots to the thigh.  The arthritis meds were meant to "slow the progression of the disease."  During the years, taking those meds, I lost both hips.  The left in '04 and the right in '07.  Plus, I had my right knee replaced in '15.  None of these arthritis docs knew of the side effects of these meds and told me to let them know if anything happened to me. 

During this time, my marijuana usage was sporadic but steady.  After discussing the inadequacies of Fentanyl and Morphine to properly manage my pain and the total lack of compromise on the progression of my disease by mentioned R.A. medicine.  I told my health care provider and my current arthritis doc, that I was quitting all R.A. drugs and narcotics for my pain. I stopped morphine and Fentanyl in November of 2017 and started all-natural treatment, namely marijuana. 

I cannot stress enough how much of a turn around I felt. I use a cannabis oil tincture, 2 parts CBD to 1 part THC, for my primary R.A. medication.  This oil has made a much better treatment than any Remicade or Humira.   My pain on narcotics was around a 7 and 8 on a 1 to 10 scale.  Since I started smoking cannabis flower and taking CBD oil and cannabis oil, my pain is around a 5 to 7.  Not much difference, but since I've been in constant pain for almost 24 years; now, any relief is welcome and much noticed. 

Years of taking Methotrexate and Prednisone tore up my stomach and now I have cramping or burning 24/7.  Prilosec has a limited effect on my stomach.  Smoking marijuana stops the cramping; plus, a very pleasant side effect is an increased appetite.  The weed makes you feed.

One of the most welcomed effects of smoking the highest and most potent THC levels available is the way my depression is lifted to me.  My depression is as bad as my arthritis.  Suicidal ideation is always bringing me down, sad fact of the matter is that I have more years behind me than in front.  I'm lonely for companionship on my way out but I'm told old, broken, and ugly.  Smoking [cannabis] betters my mood drastically, much better than the prescribed anti-depressants had, which enhance suicidal thoughts.

The very best aspect of marijuana is that this is 100% totally natural, one of the Creators best inventions.  As long as it stays natural, man has a knack for polluting pure things. It [cannabis] definitely is a wonder plant that helps so many.  It is no wonder big-pharma wants it illegal still. 

Marijuana has helped me so much more than those other poisons I am ingesting.

Jan 23, 2021

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