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Discover the magic of the entourage effect!

Compounds, Terpenes, and Cannabinoids, OH MY! Read on to learn about why the entourage effect is an important theory in cannabis!


So what is the entourage effect, you may ask. To explain it simply, it is the theory that when different compounds in cannabis are working together along with other cannabinoids and terpenes, there is a synergistic effect. 

Cannabis plants have hundreds of different compounds with over 80 of those being known cannabinoids like CBD, CBDa, THC, THCa, THCv, CBN, CBC, and CBG! Each of these compounds have different benefits and effects on their own, but when they are working together, we get even more of a benefit from this form of medicine, which is synergy! The most common example is CBD and THC. As I'm sure you know, more and more people nowadays are experimenting with CBD and THC, taken separately in various ways to help manage pain, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, cancer, epilepsy and so much more. 

Even though I am just specifically talking about CBD and THC in this next example, remember that there are so many different cannabinoids, compounds, and terpenes that can be working together for different synergistic effects! In a 2010 study of the impact of cannabinoids on cancer patient pain, some cancer patients were given pure THC extract while other patients were given a 1:1 dose of CBD:THC extract. In the study, the patients who were given the 1:1 dose reported having less pain! 

We could dive so much deeper into the sciences of the entourage effect, cannabinoids and terpenes and we will someday! There is an incredible amount of research to be done in the future and we will never stop learning! Below I wrote about one of the most loved strains we grow at SSF, this particular strain is known to bring on the entourage effect because of its 1:1 magical power! 

Pennywise! A Most-Love Strain at SSF

Here at SSF, we take pride in growing CBD strains like Pennywise! This strain is special to us because it is the backbone to many of our life-changing products, including the 1:1 - CBD:THC tincture and all of our topicals! Pennywise flower is also available on occasion. Pennywise is a great strain for anyone looking to add more CBD into their life. Pennywise is known for helping treat arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms. 

Now that you have learned more about the entourage effect, you know why Pennywise is an awesome strain to try out and medicate with. This strain and all of the products we are able to make from it are truly special and could be the key to getting some RELIEF for many. Ask your budtender about all of the other products we have that are made with Pennywise and experience the entourage effect for yourself!

Jan 25, 2021

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