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Clean and Convenient Marijuana Infused Edibles

The mind, body, and spirit highs differ based on the final product's infusion process and the diversity of compounds. Explore it!

Joanna Barney

Flower grown in living soil receives minimum inputs at the Sacred Sun Farm and is watered by hand using pristine living water collected from beneath the earth. Harvested by hand, taking extra care to preserve trichomes, branch by branch. Dried in controlled climate for two weeks, the branches are then removed by hand to prepare for trimming. SSF trim team processes everything by hand on the stem. Preservation of trichomes goes into every step of the cultivation process to ensure a vast array of sustainable and premium products.

The byproduct from the hand-trimming process is frozen and then processed in the C1D1 hydrocarbon laboratory, where it becomes full-spectrum oil, FSO. After a gentle decarboxylation to activate the oil's raw chemical compounds, it enters the infusion kitchen. There it is kept in climate controlled conditions to ensure preservation of all beneficial compounds in the full-spectrum food-grade oil.

This oil is used to infuse ingestible and non-ingestible products made entirely from scratch using sustainably sourced ingredients and recipes developed in-house.  A short ingredients list is always at the forefront of research and development. Sweeteners other than sugar are always considered. SSF gemmies are sweetened with honey.

Sacred Sun Farms also processes freshly frozen full flower and trim in ice water to produce hash and rosin. Nothing goes to waste. Hash is used to produce capsules, edibles, and beverages.

There are many ways to extract and infuse. Ensure what you ingest is made of clean product grown without harsh chemicals, and that it derives from a clean concentrate lab and kitchen with ethical practices in place. Try all of the variations and possibilities, each providing a unique experience based on the individual user.

The mind, body, and spirit highs differ based on the final product's infusion process and the diversity of compounds. Explore it!

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Licensee's interested in SSF products please find us on the Montana Cannabis Wholesale Marketplace.

Mar 11, 2023

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