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Tight Rope Walking - There are many lessons that the cannabis plant teaches. That we are products of our environment ...


There are many lessons that the cannabis plant teaches. That we are products of our environment, that we are what we eat, that everything is connected. Humans are not so different from plants. We need nourishment of the body. What sets us apart is our need to balance the nourishment of our minds, spirits, hearts and our bodies. The practice of mindfulness and gratitude has helped me realize that the simple things are the source of peace and calm. Peace and calm enable us to rejoice in the bounty and wonder of life. 

The discord of the energies around us begin to bounce off your force field of love and acceptance when you can dwell in the peace of calm. Small practices such as preparing food and being grateful for the ingredients you use. The soil that grew the produce that grew the grass that fed the animals. The light that gives the plants the energy to sustain life and in doing so sustain a whole planet.  The point of it all is to see your space in the grand scheme. To set yourself inside the processes rather than to separate yourself from the whole. When we tend to our balance. We tend to the balance of our ecosystem, our planet, our home. 

Jan 25, 2021

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