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Do you have questions about the medical marijuana program or how to order online? Our FAQ has all of the most common questions about the law, science and details of the medical marijuana and recreationally cannabis market in Montana are here for you to stay informed.


What is dry herb vaping?

Vaporizing dry herbs is easier on your lungs because you are not inhaling the chlorophyll. The temps on a dry herb vaporizer burn the oils and terpenes only. So you are getting the flavor and the feeling herb only it is a cleaner hit with little smoke.

Buying high-quality dry vaporizers may seem like a waste of money, but you get what you pay for with these.  An expensive one at 200+ dollars will often pay itself off because of high quality and warranties.

Good manufactures of dry vaporizers, do some research for yourself also.

-Storz and Bickel


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