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Do you have questions about the medical marijuana program or how to order online? Our FAQ has all of the most common questions about the law, science and details of the medical marijuana and recreationally cannabis market in Montana are here for you to stay informed.


I can’t smoke; what are my options?

Consuming cannabis does not necessarily mean you must smoke it!  It also does not mean you must be high!  You can actually be medicating with cannabis in various forms: both edible and topical.  If you’d like, you can also buy flower and brew a tea with the buds.  You can decarboxylate (or activate your flower) at a very low temp (low and slow) and create your own cannabis infused butter at home and then your own edibles!  There are plenty of edible options at Sacred Sun Farms.  We offer a variety of options that include ratios of THC & CBD as well.  Tinctures are a wonderful option for edible and sublingual consumption and wonderful to microdose!  If you are looking for an option for localized pain relief; please consider an infused topical product that is directly applied to the area that is bothersome.  FUN FACT: Our skin actually contains FIVE TIMES the amount of cannabinoid receptors than we have inside of our bodies!

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