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Do you have questions about the medical marijuana program or how to order online? Our FAQ has all of the most common questions about the law, science and details of the medical marijuana and recreationally cannabis market in Montana are here for you to stay informed.


I am a diabetic; does SSF have options for me to medicate with edibles?

Yes! We strive to create a healthier alternatives edibles menu filled with delicious medicated edible options for all to enjoy.  These products are SUGAR-FREE, and sweetened with AGAVE, because of its low glycemic index (GI of 17) compared with regular sugar(GI of 68) or even honey(GI between 60-74 depending on variety). This low glycemic index of agave should not spike your blood sugar like regular sugar does.

SSF edibles sweetened with a touch of agave:

  1. Clarified Butter -- contains no sugar or agave
  2. Herbal Pouches -- contain no sugar or agave
  3. Peanut Butter -- contain no sugar or agave
  4. Decarbed Kief can be added to any food or drink and ingested in an edible.
  5. RSO and RSO Tincture can also be be added to any food or drink and ingested as an edible.
  6. CBD Almond Bites -- contain no sugar or THC

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