Per DPHHS MMMP regulations, registered cardholders may purchase up to

5 ounces of usable marijuana products per month.


one (1) ounce of marijuana flower OR

eight (8) grams of marijuana concentrate OR

800 mg of THC in marijuana infused products or edibles OR

sixteen (16) .5 ml vape cartridges OR

eight (8) 1 ml vape cartridges

one (1) ounce of marijuana flower = 800mg of THC in marijuana infused products or = eight (8) grams of concentrate = eight (8) ml of vape cartridges


If you purchase ½ ounce of flower, you would also be able to purchase four (4) grams of marijuana concentrate OR 400 mg of infused products or edibles OR four (4) 1 ml vape cartridges OR eight (8) .5 ml vape cartridges


To calculate FLOWER EQUIVALENCE OF INFUSED PRODUCTS:     Take the TOTAL mg THC divided by 28.6; this number is the flower equivalence in grams.   Example:  100mg THC (divided by) 28.6 = 3.5 grams

As per Senate Bill 265, a patient may purchase up to 5 oz of marijuana product every month. 

The limits reset on the 1st day of each month. 

DO YOU NEED MORE THAN FIVE OUNCES PER MONTH?  If you answered YES, you must submit the CARDHOLDER PETITION FOR EXCEPTION TO MONTHLY PURCHASE LIMITS form found HERE.  This form must be filled out and signed by YOU and by the PHYSICIAN who wrote for your recommendation.  


1.      IF YOUR CARD EXPIRES in the next 30 days, PLEASE READ!

Up to 30 days before your current card expiration date, you are eligible to submit a PATIENT RENEWAL application.  You MUST see the doctor again and submit a PHYSICIAN RECOMMENDATION with your renewal application. 

For help with submitting your application to the DPHHS via their online portal, Complia, you need to call Joanna by dialing your local dispensary phone # and then extension 999 for Joanna. 

Bozeman   406-624-6298

Glendive    406-365-7911

Wolf Point 406-653-1987

2.    Were you a patient in the past and your card has been expired for while?

If you are interested in renewing your registration with the MMMP please contact Joanna, extension 999.    


3.    What do I do if I need a replacement card? 

If you lost your card, if it was stolen, if you need a replacement for any reason:  An application needs to be submitted to the DPHHS via their online portal, Complia. 

A.  If you know your email address and password, please call Joanna, extension 999, to assist you with the application.  The cost of a replacement card is $10 + processing fees charged by the state.  This will be charged to you when you make your next purchase once you receive your replacement card in the mail.  

B.  If you DO NOT KNOW YOUR email and password, please call DPHHS 406-444-0596 to get that information so that you can then call Joanna to help you.

4.     I saw the Doctor at Clinic, what else do I have to do to get my card?

If you are a new patient or a patient renewing their card, an application must be submitted to the DPHHS via their online portal, Comlpia, every time.  Once you have seen the doctor at clinic, via telemedicine video call, via phone call, or in person at their office; you must contact Joanna, extension 999, for help to submit your application on Complia.  

5.     My application was submitted to DPHHS, but I did not receive my card in the mail?

If your card has not arrived at the mailing address you provided within  30 business days  of talking to Joanna to submit your application, please contact DPHHS directly to have them help you figure out why!

DPHHS MT Medical Marijuana Program 406-444-0596

6.     I am renewing my card, do I get a temporary card?

No.  The DPHHS only issues temporary cards to NEW PATIENT REGISTRATIONS.

7.     COMPLIA portal:

A.   WHAT IS IT?  The Complia portal is where you submit an electronic application to register with the DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program.  Every patient must have an account.  

B.   HOW DO I ACCESS IT?  Click here for the Complia portal.  If you are having trouble with the portal, please refer to the Complia User Guide, which can be found here

C.   WHAT IF I KNOW MY EMAIL BUT FORGOT MY PASSWORD?  Please go to the Complia portal and click FORGOT PASSWORD.

D.   WHAT IF I DO NOT KNOW MY EMAIL?   Please call DPHHS MMMP 406-444-0596 and they will provide you with your verified username and assist you with your password, if necessary.  


On April 29th, 2020, the DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program sent a letter to all patients of the program informing them on the upcoming changes and implementation of untethering.  

All registered cardholders will be officially untethered from providers effective June 2, 2020.

This means all registered cardholders will be able to purchase medical marijuana from any licensed provider in the state starting on the effective date.

Registered cardholders who grow their own marijuana are not eligible to purchase from the network of providers.




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Bozeman, MT 59772


DPHHS Montana Medical Marijuana Program Licensed Provider

License #  P-00356