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Clean green cannabis


Learn about CLEAN GREEN Certified
Packaged flower.

What is Clean Green Cannabis?

Clean Green Certification, or CGC, is the "Organic" certification for cannabis. Because Organic is federally regulated and cannabis is federally illegal, cannabis producers cannot get a certification that ensures a safe, clean product for the consumer. This is where Chris, from the USDA organic program, saw the need for a cannabis certification. CGC goes beyond USDA Organic in that it requires benchmarks to close the loop and reduce overall inputs. Sacred Sun’s holistic approach to these benchmarks is our triple bottom line.

We have 3 filters: social, environmental, and financial. Every choice we make goes through those filters. Whether we are deciding what packaging to use or what seeds to sprout for our teas, all decisions have an impact. This is why we choose living soil over hydro, dynamic feeding schedules as opposed to bottles 1, 2, and 3, people over profit, and doing it ourselves over selling out. Check out our growing techniques or come in today to taste and smell the difference.

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How we grow

Life Begins with the Soil

Soil is the foundation for every plant’s health. The cultivation of living soil promotes the production of terpenes and cannabinoids, or the medicine of the plant. Soil health and plant health are directly related, proving that you are what you eat.

Good Genetics and Happy Plants

When SSF creates our house strains, we are using plants that have gone through the rigors of proper seed breeding. This gives us strong genetics in the seeds we create and purchase. The living soil that grows the plant ensures the proper environment to develop and sustain those genetics, proving we are products of our environment.

Grown with Love and Care

The cannabis in our grow is all sacred to us. We spend extra time tending to the needs of every plant by hand-watering and personally tending to each individual plant and its specific needs from germination to harvest. 

All the Plant, All the Power

Hanging the whole plant after harvest may take up more room and time but leads to a better tasting cannabis flower with the perfect moisture content while protecting the lightest terpenes.

Always Fresh is the Best

Thanks to our incredible curing and packaging practices, we always have fresh cannabis in many of your favorite strains. We use only the most premium cannabis flower in all of our edibles, tinctures, and other products.

Why Korean Natural Farming?

Korean Natural Farming revolves around the use of indigenous microorganisms (IMO’s) in the soil. Other organic methods use microorganisms from commercial microbe nutrient companies that are introduced into the soil. KNF differs from other organic methods in that it uses no commercially available or off-the-shelf products. All of the soil and nutrient inputs are locally sourced from the native environment. Local microbes, being fungi and bacteria, are captured from the surrounding environment.

These IMO’s are then added to locally composted soil and fed a combination of liquid plant juices that have been fermented to create specific properties needed in cultivation. All of these properties combine to create a living soil that mimics specific native soils and allows the soil to be its own living system. This process removes the need for chemical nutrients, pesticides because the soil itself generates nutrients, feeds the plant and acts as the plants immune system fighting off infection and some pests.
Korean Natural Farming is the pinnacle of organic farming.

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