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If you have questions regarding obtaining a medical card, please call the CCD at 406-444-0596 or visit the CCD website.

About Sacred Sun

The sun has been shining on our medical-grade cannabis since 2018, allowing us to grow the highest quality organic cannabis Montana has to offer. From our Clean Green Certified Farm using Korean Natural Farming practices to our unique and inviting dispensaries, Sacred Sun Farms has a love for not only the products we produce but the families and communities we serve.

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Our Sacred Story

Sacred Sun Farms was born by friends with a deep passion for their environment, community and access to cannabis. The family has grown into a community of professionals providing Clean Green Certified medicinal cannabis, extractions and infused products to anyone 21+ and patients of the Montana Medical Marijuana Program; in a safe, nurturing, positive and compliant environment. The team as a whole is environmentally conscious; nurturing a sustainable business model and farming approach to maintain an organization operating as a circular economy. With a deep love for connection and community, Sacred Sun is rooted in the communities it serves through various fundraising and support efforts with direct donations from sales. Learn more about Sacred Sun's story.

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Grow Method

Korean Natural Farming is the ideology in building a living soil from the biology of our local environments in order to feed and grow our plants. We utilize local ingredients in our nutrient blends that we brew in-house. We use greenhouses so that our plants grow using the sun's own energy along with advanced lighting and environmental systems designed to simulate a wild environment. Our grow uses ZERO pesticides or chemical treatments to our plants. Instead, we use native predatory insects and microbes to protect our sacred plants. All of these methods go together to bloom the best cannabis flowers Montana has to offer.

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Our Dispensaries

Come visit our locations throughout Montana and experience the difference of organically grown, hand-trimmed cannabis from our family to yours. All of our budtenders are highly knowledgeable and happy to empower you with knowledge about medicinal marijuana, to talk about the intricacies of cannabis cultivation, the medical marijuana program, and more.

Sourcing Sustainability

Sustainability doesn't begin and end with Sacred Sun Farms. That is why Sacred Sun Farms sources as much packaging as possible from natural and sustainable sources. From soil to shelves, when you buy Sacred Sun Farms you know you are buying responsibly.

More Fun from Sacred Sun

Read, discover, and learn about what makes Sacred Sun Farms special and how ethically-produced cannabis can improve your life. Learn about the history of Korean Natural Farming, what cannabinoids are, how they affect us through the entourage effect, and more. Check out our social media and all of our blog posts for the most up to-date information on everything cannabis.

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